Friday, December 8, 2006

A bit about myself

I am A 2 year old white standard poodle who loves to swim, eat, and sit on the couch. I live with the other RavenFeather poodles (MoonShadow, Justice, Aspasia, Schopenhauer, and Odette)and now a trio of Pekingese (Chen po, Tian-Shi, and the trouble maker Bai-Jin). I also have a human mom and 3 human pups to call my own. I am probably the most laid back girl you will ever meet. When mom thinks I need to go potty in the morning she often has to litteraly drag me out the door. Who wants to go out in the cold anyway? I will hold it forever as long as it means I don't have to go outside. Mom bought me LOTS of sweaters so I won't be cold, but I still don't like it. While the other poodles are being wildand playing outside I would rather sleep on the couch all day. I do love to swim though.
Mom loves to dye me different colors (her favorite is pink). I love it too because iy means I get pampered and I love the taste of the food coloring she uses. Unfortunately the color doesn't stay long and washes out. If it were up to me I'd be a rainbow poodle everyday.